Tasco’s Circuit Mapper is a great tool for quickly identifying where electrical circuits go. Its clever design means you can check circuits quickly, even when working on your own without an assistant, and you don’t have to waste time by energizing circuits one-by-one.

When To Use Circuit Mapper

The Circuit Mapper is designed for use on standard single, two (split) or three phase supply systems with a phase to neutral voltage below 300 volts. This means it can be used on 120 volt and 220 volt single and two phase systems as well as on full three phase systems up to 480/277 volts.   Its primary purpose is the identification of the circuits supplied by each breaker in the distribution panel. The Circuit Mapper eliminates the guesswork when dealing with poorly labeled distributionpanels, and its all-inclusive design means you can quickly map and identify all circuits in standard 24 and 42 circuit panels. The CMT84 adds a second transmitter and can connect to 2 separate 42 circuit panels simultaneously allowing up to 84 circuits to be traced at one time. Additionally, Circuit Mapper can be used on energized or de-energized panels.

Fast Circuit Identification

The secret behind the Circuit Mapper’s flexibility lies in its ability to be connected to all the circuits on the board at one time. This is done by clipping each Current Transformer (CT) that’s supplied with the kit over the outgoing lead from each breaker. Depending upon the model, you will have 24, 42 or 84 CTs; the best method is to plug the CT fitted to number one breaker into the number one socket on the Circuit Mapper transmitter, and so on. The transmitter sends a coded pulse through each CT.   When in use on energized circuits, the transmitter is also connected to the hot of each phase (red alligator clip), neutral (white alligator clip) and ground (green alligator clip) terminals. The device has three red phase clips that are used for three phase systems. Only 2 of the phase clips are used on split phase systems.   The receiver is used to identify which circuit supplies power to each socket outlet, light fixture or switch terminal. It has a metal prong that must be inserted into the hot conductor socket at each outlet and held there for a few seconds. When this is done, the receiver picks up the code transmitted by the transmitter and displays the circuit number of the breaker feeding the circuit. This information can be logged using the convenient Map Pad supplied with the unit. If the outlet is a 240 volt circuit supplied by the second phase, the receiver will show to which breakers each line is connected, another useful check for incorrect wiring.   Sometimes it’s not possible to unplug the socket because of a critical load or to reach the hot connector on a light switch. In these situations, hold the tip over the insulated wire and the receiver’s built-in amplifier will be able to pick up the signal and identify the circuit.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

Using Tasco’s Circuit Mapper, you can increase the productivity of your team and reduce costs. This is a great help when installing a new distribution panel and preparing the circuit directory? that’s required by the NEC. It’s also a great boon when you have to repair a circuit and for one reason or other the circuit directory is missing. There’s no other device available that allows you to map circuits faster or more efficiently, so up your game by purchasing the Circuit Mapper.