Power Trace Hot Rod Circuit Mapper System Inspector II Buried Line Locator


We are pleased to introduce you to Tasco's line of unique electrical testers!  These products are quite different from other instruments on the market today. We are certain you will see how one or many of these products will be valuable to your business.

All Tasco products are built in the U.S.A. to high standards of quality, with pricing that allows even the smallest companies to benefit from them.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed on every product we sell.  If you're not happy with any product, we'll take it back rather than burden you with a product that is not helping your business get ahead.

We also offer a toll free line, 800-999-9952, to answer technical questions before and after your purchase.  Please contact us with any questions regarding our products or this web site.  We look forward to hearing from you!



Tasco, Inc., a Colorado corporation, was founded in 1986 as a specialized manufacturer of test equipment.  Our focus is to provide time saving solutions for electrical and related trades through innovative, affordable, high quality electrical test instruments.

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